The Entrepreneur Agency & My L.A.B.   A place where we help entrepreneurs develop and understand self while focusing on brand building, goals and future growth

Are you ready to take action, work toward a balanced lifestyle, connect with clients, increase your dollars, learn the essentials for a positive trend and focus on your business?  

I have created a Business Conditioning strategy and action plan to guide entrepreneurs to launch, grow and scale their business goals without suffering from the emotional roadblocks.

With my unorthodox approach, I am here to help you achieve your business purpose with steps that focuses only on what you and your business need to grow and scale. 



Welcome to Leighism,  a place of value, knowledge, experience and wisdom that allows a new entrepreneur to live the life they deserve, while building their business. 

I help new entrepreneurs to develop ways to focus, build and succeed in their business.

I am known as the unorthodox coach (conditioner) - I think outside of the box, use my creativity to fuel yours and have reasonable prices. 

I am a human encyclopedia for new entrepreneurs who need support mental, physical and spiritual roadblocks lifted. We will tailor your business growth to meet your lifestyle needs.  


A Message from Leigh

I am sharing my journey with you, tomorrow’s successful entrepreneurs because, what I really want you to get from my story and what I have been through are the years of isolation, grieving and sacrificing my personal time, I still built my dreams, passion and purpose with faith, patience and respect for the process of my journey.   

  • Sacrificed time with family and friends

  •  Acceptance of my insecurities

  •  Persevered through all my trials and tribulations


I am a successful entrepreneur living a comfortable life.

I discovered my spiritual, leadership and entrepreneur gifts early in age, I nurtured them throughout my life and built my dream and discovered my purpose - An Agency for Entrepreneurs. 


I believe there are no right or wrong ways to coach an entrepreneur only creative way!

With much gratitude - Leigh