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Relax Milk Bath Tea

Relax Milk Bath Tea

Natural Relaxing Bath Tea
Package of 3 - Made with Epsom Salt, Powdered Milk, Powdered Honey, Oat flour, Lavender Essential Oil and Lavender Flowers in a cotton muslin bag for convience.

Pure Epsom Salt helps ease aches and soreness from muscle pains

Milk leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. The fat and protein in the milk provide this immediate benefit in your bathwater and enhances the relaxation

Honey ideal for mosturizing the skin

Oats are especially good for dry and itchy skin

Lavender natural scent for relaxation

The bath tea comes pre-portioned in muslin bags and will arrive beautifully packaged.
Each milk tea bag weighs approximately 4 ounces

How To Use: Fill tub with warm water, drop one tea bag in your bath, lay back and relax! Once you are done you can simply through the used tea bag into your trash bin.

or you can place the tea bag directly ion the spout so the water runs freely over the tea bag.  

The potpourri is a mix of rose buds and calendula scented with lavender