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are for new entrepreneurs whose vision is blurred, network is limited and not feeling confident.  The online experiences bring new entrepreneurs a mentor, reassurance and a stronger emotional intelligence.  

If you are a new entrepreneur and you want to focus on your brand building, long term goals and future growth then you want to sign up for any up-and-coming online experiences. 
Why so you can build and grow to be a leader in your business! 
Become part of the "Leighder" movement 

  • Roadblocks

  • Accountability Techniques

  • Balance Business-Life

  • Limited Beliefs

  • Burnt Out

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Resources

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Free - Leighdership Mentoring Movement Call
Open discussion for new entrepreneurs to have a voice
Every Wednesday
7:00 p.m. est to 8:00 pm est 
via Zoom  

Free Live Masterclass -Level Up Entrepreneur- How Discovering Your Entrepreneur Personality Impacts Your Business Growth


You have already struggled through the motions of going it alone or doing it the hard way and managing your business vs leading your business 


You are trying to understand yourself as an entrepreneur ....Imposter Sydrome 

Or perhaps, you’ve tried your luck with the notion you don't need help it all can be found on the internet ...Ego


You tried piecing together different coaching strategies to lead your business...Confusion


But the outcome is always the same. 


You unable to figure out what it takes to be an entrepreneur!


That’s why you’re here, on this page, looking for a way out, and a direct route to a better, GROWING, SCALING AND ENJOYABLE you and business.


You don’t want to give any more ENERGY on the above, because you’ve already tried (and failed) more times than you can count. 


You’re here because you want, consistent, long-term results and to become a leader in your business. 


You want to Improve your personal and business development that will shift your mindset and increase your productivity and profits.



Get Ready to Impact Your Entrepreneur Mindset 

  • Discover Your Entrepreneur Personality that will allow you to better understand your best business path to GROWTH

  • Understanding Why You are in the ER (Emotional Roadblock) and how to get discharged from the ER without returning

  •  How discovering my PURPOSE led me to know I can be a leader in my 9 to 5 and leader in my business 

  • ​How to apply the RELIEF of Emotional Roadblocks to grow, scale and enjoy your business (and self) within 3 months.

Get on the waitlist below by entering your email and details how to join will be sent.

This will be a live webinar via Zoom with no replays.

  If you want to have a clear understanding on who you are as an entrepreneur, you will be joining us on the free webinar

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Join This Waitlist - Level Up!
Learn who you are as an entrepreneur so you can be a leader in your business 


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